Dark Souls Gameplay Pt 4 – Undead Parish – Black Knight and Exploration 720p

Dark Souls Gameplay Pt 4 – Undead Parish – Exploration

Working my way through the Undead Parish area and up into the lower level of the church. I am working with a halberd that I got in a drop. I can barely wield it with two hands, but using the correct timing with a power strike from distance gets two hits in and kills normal enemies in one swing if not deflected. The halberd also allows me to take out the undead elites (I ended up farming them for titanite to upgrade). I use it to take out one of the non-permanent (doesn’t respawn) baddies a Black Knight.

Notice I am also using a heater shield bought from the Undead Burg merchant to get 100% physical damage block when using single-hand weapons. I grab the Knight Shield during this play as well (second attempt to grab). I also unlock the shortcut back to Firelink Shrine and explore the area, picking up an Asylum key and finding the way back to the Asylum when needed. Gargoyles soon.


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