David Cage & Ellen Page Talk Beyond

David Cage on Hollywood Talent and an Over Reliance on Technology – IGN

Cage and Page, what a combo.  Game designer David Page of Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy) speaks with an IGN report about Beyond : Two Souls alongside the star of the game Ellen Page.  While a Hollywood star headlining a game is actually not a new phenomenon at all, see Bruce Willis, Christopher Walken and others for Ellen Page - Beyondtheir contributions to gaming, the acceptance level was never quite there before. Nor was the quality of the medium.

You can find veteran character actors and some former A-list stars in many of the FMV games of yore (check out Tex Murphy!) and some stars have tried to cash-in on their films with games themed around them, but this is different. As they mention in the interview, Hollywood stars doing television used to be rare and somewhat taboo. With the quality of some television raised it’s fairly common to see stars on tv in more than just guest roles. Page talks thoughtfully about being involved in a game project.  Really looking forward to Quantic Dream’s Beyond.

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