This post contains 3 videos of Sleeping Dogs side missions, check youtube for all the video so far are browse the Sleep Dogs tag, or latest game posts.

Sleeping Dogs – Part 4 – Side Missions 1

Sidemissions are all over the place and help to level up Wei Shen. If you’re looking for story progression, it is safe to skip any video that has Side Mission in the title as I will do my bestSleeping Dogsto separate out side missions in editing. Because I like to explore and “complete” there will be a lot of these and not always done in the order that I present them in to keep a flow through the videos as much as possible.

In this video the Side Missions are Fashion Advice and Pay Hospital Bills.

Fashion Advice is essentially a sneak attack and theft from Wei, a common type of side mission in the game.

Pay Hospital Bills involves helping some commit insurance fraud by destroying their vehicle, which led to a funny little blooper.

Sleeping Dogs – Part 5 – Side Missions 2

Side Missions covered here are A Quiet Drive and Ting’s T-shirt

A Quiet Drive is a very short mission where you help a gang associate evade the police after he punches one of them for “sleeping with his girl”.

Ting’s T-shirt involves driving to various landmarks around the city and taking photos with your cell phone to give Ting ideas for T-shirt prints.

At the end Wei picks up some clothes and for some reason there are no pants in the stores. :p

Sleeping Dogs – Part 6 – Side Missions 3

This video covers Death by 1000 Cuts and Cheaters Never Prosper side missions.

Death by Thousands cuts is basically an arena battle mini game where you try to take out as many waves of bad guys as you can. I give it two runs here.

Cheaters Never Prosper involves Wei getting a little revenge on a dirty racing, by trashing his car and then him.

In between missions are some random fights and exploration.

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