Echo Night – Intro [PSX xBRZ] – FROM Software

Echo Night is a haunted mystery, adventure-style game from FROM Software, famous for King’s Field, Armored Core and most recently the Souls series of games.

More info from Wikipedia:
“Echo Night is played from a first-person perspective, but unlike most other first-person games there is no use of firearms in the game. When confronted by a ghost the player must turn on the lights in the room by means of a light switch. The player is often transported into the past via the passengers or certain objects. Once the player fulfills a task important to a spirit they will vanish and drop an “Astral Piece” which can be used to get a different ending scene.

The story revolves around Richard Osmond, the game’s protagonist, and his journey to find out what happened to the ship Orpheus, which mysteriously disappeared from the sea. The story also uncovers the mystery about two stones that contain some kind of supernatural power.”



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