The Watch Now function of Netflix has become a fascination for me… it might become an obsession should they choose to up the quality and variety of things available to watch. Mostly I have been watching documentaries and TV shows with the feature. The Office both British and American versions, and most recently Fawlty Towers.

Now I am a life-long Python fan, having been raised on the stuff (for good or ill I have yet to fully understand.) I remember seeing bits and pieces of Fawlty Towers when I would stay up to late and turn it to OPB. I didn’t remember liking it, but I didn’t remember disliking it either.

Watching now I am happy to say that it is excellent. I love reading moronic reviews of things on Netflix. Someone was complaining of the slap-sticky nature of the whole thing. True, physical comedy is a John Cleese forte, but this character, formed from a hotel manager that crossed paths with python is much more… subtle dialogue here and there, and excellent character interaction make it a more sophisticated work than Python (but I will always love MP more…)

Fawlty towers ran for two series (seasons in America), and featured 6 episodes each series for a total of 12.  It was voted 5th in the best British “sitcom” category by the BBC website.  Fawlty Towers also enjoyed American success often airing late nights on on Public Broadcasting stations.  I first remember seeing Fawlty Towers on OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting).

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