Final Fantasy Tactics – Titles and Intro (Ultra HQ 1080p 60fps 5xBRZ)

Final Fantasy Tactics, image created from original disc. Running on latest full ePSXe release 1.9.25. Using an xBRZ filter at 1080p (effectivel 1440×1080). It helps the FMVs very little, but skip to the in-game section at 07:46 to see its effect.

Settings as follows:

PeteOpenGL2 Tweaks 2.0 plugin (experimental with xBRZ support.
Fullscreen Mode, Desktop 1920×1080, 32 Bit Color Depth
Internal X 2
Internal Y 3
Stretching Mode 2
Render Mode 2

Texture Filter/Hi-Res 0/0
Use Pixel Shader checked
Use FPS limit checked FPS 63

Off-screen 2
Framebuffer Effects 3
Framebuffer Upload 1

Shader Effects checked
Fullscreen Smoothing … 5xBR-v3.7c (but I think this is nullified by the experimental plugin build… keep reading)
Shader level 2
MDEC filter checked

Create a folder in your ePSXe folder called inis.
Run the program and a game once and this file will appear in that director: gpuPeteOpenGL2Tweak.ini

Edit with a text editor. My settings:
Change MuiX and MuiY to 4
xBRZScale = 5
All other ini settings at default.

Sound plugin set to ePSXe SPU core 1.9.0
Mooby2 Disk Image driver for Image of game disc in Bin/Cue format.

I will try to capture more of my PSX games in the near future and add them to my game Intros & Title Screens collection Playlist.



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