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Machete Review is posted over at the usual spot.  I saw the movie late Thursday night with a very small crowd of only three people and I enjoyed almost every minute of it.  There is very little to complain at after watching the movie, and I am always happy to see Danny Trejo get work, and this is his starring vehicle.  The supporting cast is great and everyone seems to be relishing the opportunity to be in something like this which is just pure fun.  Check out the full review for my thoughts and check out Machete in theaters now.

The Switch ReviewThe Switch Poster

What an interesting combo for weekend theater viewing, as I mentioned I got an early start on the holiday weekend with Machete and then I accompanied some people to The Switch on Saturday.  I’m a big Jason Bateman fan, but I hadn’t heard much about this film before going in.  So… did I like it, or did I find myself saying “I’ve made a huge mistake”, Arrested Development style?  Read the full movie review to get the skinny.  I will say that I was very happy to see Jeff Goldblum in there and he proved me with some laughs and a new celebrity impression for my meager arsenal.

Even More Reviews (Coming Soon)

Busy media weekend, and also a trip to the Zoo.  Zoo Photos are now up on my Facebook page, and I hope to add them to the gallery here soon.  Checkout Rich and Famous with Chow-Yun Fat and The Chronicles of Vidocq with Gerard Depardieu via Netflix.  May have shorts reviews (blog only) of those up soon.  Also I am still working on InFamous and The God of War Collection from Gamefly.  As always, check out JamesInDigital on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest articles and blogs.

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