Christian Bale Treasure Island to see 2011 Release

*Update* Sept 27, Treasure Island DVD review here!

Update June 26, Check out the newest update article. Treasure Island 1990 DVD pre-orders are beginning to pop-up and cover art has been revealed!!!!

Update June 6th, check out this screencap from the Warner Archive Facebook Page:

Charlton Heston Treasure Island DVD ReleaseOriginal article below:

I recently was asked about an update for the DVD release of Treasure Island with
Treasure Island - Christian BaleChristian Bale and Charlton Heston.  I’ve been looking into it a bit over the last few weeks and it appears that we will mostly likely be seeing a release this year. If you’re new to the film and are looking for a little more detail check out my previous Christian Bale Treasure Island post from September of  last year. I discuss a little bit more of the film and my feelings for it, and the long history of the demand for the DVD (now currently only available on rare or pirated laserdisc prints).  I put most of the emphasis on the wonderful film score by The Chieftains and there is a link to that score on Amazon.

Beacon Journal writer Rich Heldenfels wrote an article in March on a few of the Charlton Heston films heading to DVD and Bluray.  In the article, he interviews Hestons’ son Fraser, who was the director of the Turner Classic version of Treasure Island starring his father. Fraser had this to say:

“…plans are proceeding for a DVD release of Charlton’s Treasure Island (with a young Christian Bale), which has only been on VHS up to now…” and that he “…thinks Treasure Island ‘is one of my dad’s best films…'”

I’ve never been a huge Heston fan, but I have to agree. I really enjoyed his performance as Long John Silver.  In fact the whole production was remarkably good and faithful to the source material.  I was also very interested to learn, thanks to the Turner Classic Movies database that the film actually received a big-screen release overseas.  I would have really enjoyed that.

Several more posts on IMDB referencing long-since washed away threads on the Warner Archive Facebook page note that in February the release was scheduled for “this year” and later “this Autumn”.  Looks like we are getting closer.  Full details will be here once they are released along with a proper full review and preview of the DVD.  Treasure Island 1990 is finally getting released!!

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