Video – Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough – Part 16 – Attack on the Citadel – Renegade – HD 720

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough – Part 16 – Attack on the Citadel – Renegade – HD 720

Commander Sheparad spends some time upgrading weapons, weapons modifications and armor pieces to help him and his squad be more efficient while in battle. He surveys some of the crew to get the lay of land before heading to the Citadel.Mass Effect 3 Video Walkthrough

Once in Citadel space a distress call on emergency channels from Commander Bailey warns of a Cerberus attack on the Citadel in progress! Garrus and Javik accompany Shepard to the surface. On the ground it’s obvious that there had to have been inside help, as many of the dead have been executed from behind.

Who is the hidden Cerberus cell? The Salarian delegate reveals the traitor under duress from an unknown assassin before she is killed. This traitor leads Shepard to a confrontation with one of his own people…

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