Video – Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 6 Citadel Side Missions Renegade HD 720

Renegade Shepard takes time after to Menae to take care of some side mission on the Mass Effect 3 Video WalkthroughCitadel. Meeting Aria T-Loak he agrees to gather the 3 major mercenaries factions together under her command for a few “favors” One of these favors unfortunately requires Shepard to order a hit on a Turian general getting in the mercenary group’s way.  Renegade Shep will take the unpleasant choice in order to secure a larger force in the fight vs the Reapers and for the salvation of Earth.

Additional Thoughts

Renegade Shepard make some choices that would be considered “evil”. In the context of playing in this style, Shepard is an Earth purist, a humanist. He makes his choice for the defense of earth. He is leery of alien races, sticking with Ashley in the romance department and Miranda several years later. He does put full trust in Garrus who fell in line with Shepards ruthless tactics almost immediately, beginning with using the power of the SPECTRE office force action when necessary.


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