Video Walkthrough – Mass Effect 3 Renegade – Part 4 – The Prothean Artifact – HD 720

After leaving the Citadel, Renegade Shep decides to take care of some side business before moving to the Turian home world of Palaven. Acting on intel received from Admiral Mass Effect 3 Video WalkthroughHackett via email the crew of Shep, Liara and Vega check out a Cerberus base in Sigurd’s Cradle. While retrieving data they enter a firefight with arriving Cerberus Troops before escaping.

Renegade Shepard chooses to head to the Exodus Cluster and Eden Prime where this long journey began years ago. Back then Eden Prime was under attack from an unknown army, which turned out to be The Geth, under the control of Sovereign of the Reapers. The origin of Husks (harvested human colonists) were first discovered here. Now Eden Prime is under attack from Cerberus forces thanks to a key “artifact” they discovered. This Artifact is a significant find for Shepard and crew.

New This mission came standard with Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition. The end results is that you gain a new squad member, as the Prothean “artifact” turns out to be a living Prothean currently in stasis. He is a playable squad member that gives additional perceptive on the Reapers from a race destroyed by them nearly 50,000 years prior. Javik is his name and he find you and the races of the day to be quite primitive, many having no written communication or low intelligence during his lifetime.

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