Murdered Soul Suspect- Possession Glitch

So I was testing out some things in the game, trying to find ways past ghost barriers. My thought was that if I possessed a human I could have that body go through the wall. Well, you can’t it will push outside of the body before hitting the wall. At first I though the possession was tied to a duration during inhabiting a moving body, so I attempted to possess a body much closer to the wall. This did allow me to pass through, but obviously you are not supposed to be able to do this. I was left trapped inside the possessed body, with no way to get out, except to escape the game and restart from the previous checkpoint. As yet another game with only a single save state, this could be very bad as the main checkpoint only occur at missions and do not appear to include solving side ghost stories, though all collectibles will remain collected as long as you do not fully exit to desktop.

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