New Video – Spec Ops – The Line Walkthrough Part 3 – Ch 6-7 “The Pit” & “The Battle”

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Spec Ops The Line has presents a game that is trying to make the player feel the impact of tough decisions and the moral ambiguity sometimes inherent in the theatre of war. Thus far I haven’t really had to make any tough decisions that I have seen, though I have seen the outcome of decisions from others. This segment makes me make my first difficult Spec Ops The Line Video Walkthroughchoice, attempt to safeguard and important operative who can provide information on what exactly the hell is going on or first attempt to stop a handful of hostages being executed.  On one hand, these innocents need to be saved, on the other, proper intelligence could stop the deaths of many more lives than this.  I made my choice and in the end… we’ll you have to watch and see what happens.

Spec Ops continues to impress with its vivid imagery, quality sound design and excellent voice acting. While the main mechanics do not, to this point, separate themselves much from any other war shooting, so far the story and aforementioned aspects have held my attention well.

The Video

Continuing the Spec Ops The Line PC Playthrough, Covers Chapter 6 “The Pit” and Chapter 7 “The Battle”.

The end of Chapter 5, saw Captain Walker falling over “The Edge”. The opening of Chapter 6 finds Walker separated from Adams and Lugo, without ammo and with hostiles approaching.

After reuniting, Delta squad works its way out of the pit, discovering the horrors of this “war” along the way, including Unit 33’s execution of it’s own men. This leads into an ambush, broken up by a CIA agent. This seems to confirm that the CIA and the probably rogue Unit 33 are now at war in the remnants of Dubai.

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