Video – Spec Ops – The Line Part 4 – Ch 8-9 “The Gate” & “The Road”

Continuing the Spec Ops The Line Playthrough with Chapter 8 “The Gate” and Chapter 9 “The Road”. Delta Squad is trying to make it’s way to the gate, the true entrance to where the powesr that currently control Dubai reside. Once at the Gate, Walker is forced into a decision Spec Ops The Line Video Walkthroughthat will haunt him for the remainder of his days, one that is hard to watch and play through.

They continue on and fine remnants of Konrad’s squad and the awful truth is revealed…

Konrad has done all of this, including killing many of his own forces. Konrad attempts to force Walker to play his game, instead Delta Squad takes action, barreling down The Road and taking out Konrad’s forces along the way as a sandstorm approaches.

We end as Delta Squad takes shelter from the storm and Walker leaves Konrad a warning, they will evacuate Dubai and Konrad will be relieved of his command.


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