This is newly acquired for me and one I did not play during the time of its original release, unlike the majority of my other LucasArts posts. I’m glad I have it. It features really great, fully orchestrated music composed by Clint Bajakian spread over the game’s two CDs. the other big draw is the great cut-scene and voice work. They are styled that is something between Don Bluth animation films and elongated Heavy Metal characters.

The gameplay itself isn’t much to speak of and even judging by its 1997 release, probably wasn’t impressive at the time. I will however be going through it to experience more of the cutscene. This game was also difficult to get running as with a lot of old games, it is 32bit, which makes it somewhat x64 compatible, the problem is that the installer and moreover the game patches are 16 bit and unusable. There is a custom installer that will get the game installed, but to use the patches I had to emulate a VM Win95, patch the game, and then overwrite the files on the installation on real machine.

Outlaws Intro (LucasArts)


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