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The Dig was a major adventure game development from LucasArts. It featured a concept from Steven Spielberg, dialogue written by Orson Scott Card and the main character’s voice work was performed by actor Robert Patrick (Terminator 2). It expanded on the SCUMM/iMUSE combo with a system called INSANE for cutscenes. The soundtrack features work from veteran LucasArts composer Michael Land.

The game is somewhat a departure from their other adventure work thanks to its more serious tone. From Wiki : “A radio telescope in Borneo detects the approach of a large asteroid on a collision course with Earth; authorities dub it “Attila” after the ancient conqueror Attila the Hun. Scientists determine explosives planted on the surface of the asteroid may divert it into a stable orbit around Earth. A five-person expedition use the Space Shuttle Atlantis to rendezvous with the asteroid and plant the charges.”

The Dig Intro (LucasArts)


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