Playstation Network Store – 10:12 PM PM 6/1/2011

So… Playstation Store officially went back online a little bit back.  I was tying up some loose ends in my L.A. Noire 100% quest and was auto-signed out of the network.  Sure enough after logging back in I tried the store just for fun, and it’s back!  What freebies are you going to grab.  I’ll grab Dead Nation for some multi-player fun, not sure about the other one.  Also looking forward to Uncharted 3 Demo Shortly!

Playstation Network Store – 10:22 PM

Update: Umm… Did we crash the damn thing already. 80710D36 errors are popping up now inside the Playstation Store. After logging out the store no longer open and gives the same error.  I’m guessing a heavy influx of users might have overwhelmed the server, or the kinks are still being worked out.

Playstation Store – 10:26

Back in Action. Let’s see for how long this time.

Playstation Store – 10:29

So, not all the menu items are working yet.  What I can see is that the Playstation Store menus seem to load and scroll much faster.  This is very nice. I can also confirm that downloading does seem to be working at this time.  Downloading to free Minis from the PLUS section (I am a subscriber). Was also to grab some free avatars and a new weapon for L.A. Noire.  Will probably attempt to put my Noire DLC codes in later.

PS Store Update – 10:42

Sections are intermittently loading.  Speed of listing and scrolling is still way faster than before.  Downloads were of small content so they went very fast.  Others are saying theirs are going up and down as well.  It’s pretty much guaranteed it’s just the final kinks and the millions of people rapidly accessing content at the same time.  Updates from the official blog state that the free games and offers are still in final testing and aren’t fully available to the Playstation Store yet.  There is a comprehensive listings of old and new specials, both free and discounts available there as well. Just grabbed the Office Duke Nuke Forever PS3 Theme (why, I don’t know… cuz FREE!!).

Final Update 11:00 PM

Looks like it’s stabilizing somewhat.  Going to wait on my Noire DLC codes until tomorrow and grabbing the $10 Noire Pass (it gets you all Noire DLC posted through July,  a great deal IMO), just in case something goes wrong.

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