Quest for Glory III Intro – Enhanced

Quest for Glory Wages of War is the 3rd entry in the franchise. This was the first of the series to use VGA graphics.

ScummVM 1.6.0 BaseQuest for Glory
Daily Build 5.29.2013
HQ3x Scaling
Fluidsynth enabled
FluidR3 Soundfont

Via Wikipedia

Rakeesh the Paladin brings the Hero (and Prince of Shapeir) along with Uhura and her son Simba to his homeland, the town of Tarna in a jungle and savannah country called Fricana that mimics the central African ecosystems.

Tarna is on the brink of war; the Simbani, the tribe of Uhura, are ready to do battle with the Leopardmen. Each enemy has stolen a sacred relic from the other tribe and refused to return it before the other does. The Hero must prevent the war and then thwart a demon who may be loosed upon the world.

The Hero earns membership in the warring tribes, and leads his newfound allies into battle against the demon wizard. As soon as the battle is won, the Hero suddenly disappears into darkness.

Just like the previous installments, this one offers three ‘standard’ character classes: Warrior, Magic User and Thief. However a ‘hidden’ class can be opened: a Paladin. In the finale of the previous game a Warrior character who has proved honorable enough is named ‘Paladin’ by Rakeesh, and can be imported to Quest for Glory III as such.
Quest for Glory III Intro – Enhanced

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