Quest for Glory Trial By Fire is the first sequel in the series. You can import you character from the first game and continue on to this new adventure. This video features the MT32 intro followed by a Soundfont version. ScummVM has not optimized this game for Midi playback, so this is an automatic mapping that I though turned out decently.

ScummVM 1.6.0 BaseQuest for Glory
Daily Build 5.29.2013
HQ3x Scaling
Fluidsynth enabled
FluidR3 Soundfont

Via Wikipedia

The game follows the path of its predecessor, although there are distinctions in gameplay. Trial by Fire operates on a restricted time frame; the entire plot is concluded in 30 days. Many of the puzzles in the game do not appear or cannot be solved until certain days. This keeps gameplay on a tight, linear narrative.

Quest for Glory II Intro MT32 & SF2

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