Robin Hood Conquests of the Longbow Intro MT32 – HQ

Robin Hood – Conquests of the Longbow is probably my favorite of the Sierra On-Line created adventure games. I play it almost yearly. It’s a classic Robin Hood tale with nice visuals and great music composed by Aubrey Hodges and Mark Seibert. This is the MT32 audio version of the game with the setup listed below. ScummVM daily builds can run Robin Hood and in fact are able to run it through a soundfont. I have recorded a version of the intro with FluidR3 soundfont and it sounds great. Leave me a msg if you want to hear it. It’s awesome through most parts of the game… until it isn’t. The soundfont sounds bad at Fens monastery and possibly in other parts of the game. I way do an updated playthrough in this graphic style either in MT32 or with the Soundfont. Again leave a comment if you want to see that.


DosBox .74
SVN-Daum Build 5/2013
HQ3x with OpenGL_HQ
Windowed 1280×960
MT-32 Enabled (Latest MUNT)
Cycles 5000+

From Wikipedia:

Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood is a graphic adventure game designed by Christy Marx and published by Sierra On-Line in 1992. The player assumes the role of the legendary Robin Hood in his efforts to restore King Richard I to the throne of England. To do so, he must collect enough money to pay the king’s ransom while avoiding the efforts of the Sheriff of Nottingham to capture and hang him and all his men.
Robin Hood Conquests of the Longbow Intro MT32 – HQ


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