Thief – Part 9 – A Friend in Need

Thief 2014

All rights Eidos Montreal and Square Enix.

Thief Walkthrough – Part 9 – A Friend in Need 1080p

Through the discovery of his wounded, pigeon, it’s evident that Basso is in some trouble. Garrett heads to his place and finds Orion ransacking the place. He claims that the book Garrett stole is the key to stopping the plague known as the Gloom. Luckily, Garrett know’s Basso’s hiding spots. He retrieves the item and then is on his way to rescue Basso from his imprisonment at the hands of the Thieftaker General.

Mission covered in this Thief Walkthrough:
Chapter 4 – A Friend in Need.

Notable Loot:
A Soldier’s Memory
The Keep Plaque
Shale Snake Bracelet

Achievements Obtained:
Hidden Agenda
A Friend in Need

Covers Thief 2014 main mission Chapter 4 – a Friend in Need.

Thief Walkthrough Part 9 – A Friend in Need recorded in 1080p. 10Mbps variable Single Pass with 128kbps stereo audio at 44 khz.

Thief Walkthrough Playlist (WIP) continues with part 10, side missions prior to chapter 5.
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