After surviving the ship breaking apart at sea and then her brief capture and escape from a madman in a cave, Lara emerges on a bluff over-looking a coastline strewn with destroyed vessels. She begins to make her way down the cliffside in search of any sign of her crew. She is inexperienced, under-prepared and in need of medical attention and food. She gains warmth from a campfire and food from a deer thanks to a makeshift bow she finds on a corpse. Soon she finds a familiar face next to a strangers…

This is what the game looks like in the highest settings minus tesselation and TressFX until Nvidia has their newest driver set ready. Played at 1920×1080 and recorded at 720p 30fps.

A freelance writer and digital artist, operator of this website. My name is James Schumacher, and I hold a degree in Game Art & Design (BoFA) from the Art Institute in Portland. My passions are gaming, music, books, film and my friends. Select Photography to see some of my latests photos, with more found at 500px and Viewbug. Currently you can find much of my game reviews mostly at Only Single Player I am available for freelance writing work, as well as for image and graphic editing.


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