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Lara Croft sets out on her first adventure, looking to make her mark. Instead she finds herself and the rest of her shipmates in big trouble as a violent storm tears their vessel apart. Lara is separated from the rest of the crew but makes it shore before being knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant. Coming to she finds herself bound upside down. Now she must escape the collapsing cave that holds her and whoever is in pursuit.

Technical Details / Comments

Enjoy the extended (through to title reveal) Tomb Raider PC Intro in 1080p. Mixture of settings between High and Ultra recorded at 1920×1080 with Tress FX enabled except for a brief second or two where it cause very noticeable frame issues, see if you can spot the moment when tress is briefly turned off and the footage of non-tress spliced in. Tress is a neat effect, but given the frame-rate hit and the noticeable (to me) issue with the hair’s collision mesh being to far from the body, I think I will play the game with it off.

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