But what will they do with it, and will it attempt to butcher the source as the movie sounds like it’s doing?

Thoughts on World War Z

From a previous post, a mini review of World War Z the novel:World War Z Game Trademarked

World War Z, even better than I thought it would be. A documentary of the international war vs the zombies. As many have said whom I have talked to about this book, it’s more about the human condition, and human nature, than a zombie story… that being said there’s plenty of scary zombie scenes with much carnage. Check it out.

The book was terrific. The idea of a film from the book was as well. However, by the sounds of the film has strayed far from the source material.  I’m not sure how it would translate into a quality game, but it may be interesting. Some sort of mix of adventure with RTS scenes for battles? Who knows. I am not optimistic that this would remain true to the source or be able to fit in a game form. Here’s hoping, if they truly make a game and aren’t trademarking it for security, that it turns out well. The Walking Dead game from Telltale is surprisingly good, so it can be done.

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