Gears of War 3 will be released on Sept.30 completing “the trilogy”. Of course with a Soundtrack Logo - Gears of War 3franchise as big as this, don’t be too surprised if the series continues on.  Below is the full Gears of War Soundtrack list composed by Steve Jablonsky.  Jablonsky was educated and trained by the Hans Zimmer Borg collective, hence the “Zimmerfied” feel to some of his scores.  This track list should be 100% accurate as it was posted on the official Zimmer website.  The Gears of War 3 soundtrack will be available for purchase on the day of release.  I will add the iTunes links after they go live, any interest in the Amazon links as well?

Gears of War 3 Soundtrack List

Get the Gears of War 3 (The Soundtrack) by Steve Jablonsky via that link.  Individual track links will be added later for those that want to pick and choose. Disc version of [amazon_link id=”B005K2LODU” target=”_blank” ]Gears Of War 3 The Soundtrack[/amazon_link] pre-order (physical CD) from amazon via this link. iTunes tracks are $0.99 a piece or $9.99 for the whole album. The physical disc from Amazon is current $12.94 and is prime eligible.

Track # Track Title
1 Restless
2 Gears Keep Turning
3 Meanwhile Below Deck
4 Stalk City
5 High Seas Tension
6 Infected Large And Hungry
7 Marcus’ Rock
8 Calm Before Chaos
9 Bridge Too Far Indeed
10 Thos Aren’t Stranded
11 Forever Omen
12 Hanover’s Favorite Son
13 Fence House Suicide Pills
14 Ghost Town
15 A Fine Mess
16 Loss Of A Leader
17 Deadland Dance
18 Creeping Dread
19 Hammer Meet Anvil
20 Corpser Ambush
21 Last Resort
22 Full Circle
23 Jumped Species Barrier
24 Ashes Fall Down
25 Fathoms Below
26 Gasbag Airways
27 Paradise Found
28 Father And Son
29 Fury Of The Tempest
30 Live For Me
31 Finally A Tomorrow

Gears of War 3 Music List

Here are a couple of extra tracks you won’t find on the Gears of War 3 Soundtrack.  Two from commercials/trailers and one is the Bodycount (Ice-T’s metal band) single for the game.

Track Title Artist iTunes Other
The Gears of War Bodycount The Gears of War - Single - Body Count Youtube
Heron Blue Sun Kil Moon Heron Blue - April Youtube
War Pigs Black Sabbath War Pigs (Live) - Live Evil (Live)  Youtube Trailer Mix

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