This time the mixed-rank XCOM squad is investigating a large UFO landing site in the United States. They are quickly met with a Cyberdisc-drone combo. There initial craft entry produces a trio of Chrysallids. Squaddie Carlin goes top-side and uncovers a small band of Mutons, include a Berserker. The quickly move towards the control area of the craft and a Sectoid Commander duo is revealed. The squad seems spooked, missing shots left and right. Squaddie Carlin succumbs to a Mind Fray attack. Major Rossi is able to subdue a Commander for interrogation and the crew returns to base.

A freelance writer and digital artist, operator of this website. My name is James Schumacher, and I hold a degree in Game Art & Design (BoFA) from the Art Institute in Portland. My passions are gaming, music, books, film and my friends. Select Photography to see some of my latests photos, with more found at 500px and Viewbug. Currently you can find much of my game reviews mostly at Only Single Player I am available for freelance writing work, as well as for image and graphic editing.


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