Gabriel Knight II – The Beast Within – Prologue/Intro

Gabriel Knight II – The Beast Within was a huge change from the first entry. The game employed FMV (Full Motion Video) which was all the rage at the time. The two leads of Grace and Gabriel were re-cast in order to make the visual look of the characters. The adventure takes place in Germany. While a fairly good game, I much prefer the style of the original. The story is a pretty good one, as Jane Jense takes the lead in that department again. This game originally spanned 6 CD-Roms. Using an installer from you can convert your CDs into a single DVD image which is then fully installed to your HD. Features more excellent music composed/arranged by Robert Holmes.


6 Physical CD-Roms converted to Single DVD Image
Special DVD Version Deinterlaces Video

DosBox .74
SVN-Daum Build 5/2013
3x with OpenGL (has no visible effect on FMV)
Windowed 1280×960
Cycles Auto 10,000

From Wiki:

The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery is an interactive movie point-and-click adventure game released by Sierra On-Line in 1995. The storyline weaves together werewolf mythology and Bavarian history with sexual intrigue and businessmen’s quest for their primal roots.
Gabriel Knight II – The Beast Within – Prologue/Intro

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