Discworld II – Mortality Bytes! – Intro HQ – That’s Death – 1996 (Psygnosis, Perfect) ScummVM 2.5.0

Discworld II – Mortality Byes! was known as Missing Presumed…!? outside of North America and was the follow-up to the first entry released in the previous year, also published by Psygnosis. Eric Idle, Rob Brydon, and several others return for voices. The plot is a mixture of Discworld stories from author Terry Pratchett’s series, but probably most follows Reaper Man, where death has gone missing and the dead remain in limbo in his absence.

This intro also features the song That’s Death, performed by Eric Idle as a dancing skeleton. Recorded in desktop mode 1920×1080 60fps in ScummVM 2.5.0 and with light filtering (xBRZ and simple scanlines) via Reshade.

Wiki Info: One night whilst returning from a pub with The Librarian, Rincewind witnesses an assassin plant a cart bomb in the Fools’ Guild and attempts to disarm it. However, he accidentally causes the bomb to detonate, destroying the guild and killing its occupants. Unknowingly, the blast also catches out Death whilst attending to his duties, ejecting him from the saddle of his horse and causing him to disappear without trace. His absence swiftly leads to the souls of the departed throughout Ankh-Morpork remaining bound to their bodies and becoming undead. After witnessing Windle Poon suffer the same fate at his appointed time of death, the wizards of Unseen University suspect what the cause is and decide to invoke a ritual to summon Death, with the Archchancellor tasking Rincewind to collect the needed items for it.

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