Fallout New Vegas – Part 1 – Doc Mitchell

The story of The Courier begins in the office of Doc Mitchell. Courier seems to have been brought back from the dead after being shot in a graveyard by a gang of thugs. Doc Mitchell tells him that he’s mostly patched up and was dug out of the grave by a robot.

This video covers the character creation and points distribution of the beginning of the game. Safe to skip, but you can already see the upgraded textures, the added ones as well as the more realistic lighting features and the post-injected FXAA plugin.

Fallout New Vegas Mods

Some of the mods being used are as follows:

  • MTUI
  • NMC’s Texture Pack (Large)
  • Yamm’s Pinup Parade (Posters Etc).
  • WRP – Weapon Retexture Project
  • WMX – Weapons Mod Expanded
  • Wasteland Flora Overhaul
  • Type 3 Body Replacer and Armors
  • Breeze Males
  • Weapons Mod Menu
  • Mod Configuration Menu
  • Immersive HUD
  • Unified HUD
  • Realistic Repair
  • Street Signs Retextured
  • Nevada Skies and Weather Effects
  • Interior Lighting Overhaul
  • EVE – Essential Visual Enhancements
  • Electro-City – Relighting the Wasteland
  • Faster Terminals
  • FXAA Injector

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