Fallout New Vegas Stories – The Courier – Day 1

This is part of a new segment, Fallout New Vegas Stories, a sort of Journal / Fan Fiction detailing my character’s exploits throughout Fallout New Vegas. The game is being played on Normal Difficulty with Hard-mode enabled. Not every day will be covered, and the character may not be posted every day, but I hope to make this a recurring thing, along with a second character played by Samuel Miller. I also hope to provide pip-boy / fallout radio style recordings of these as audio journals, or possible a weekly podcast. Look for that soon. Hope you enjoy this exercise in creative writing and gaming. Warning, picture links lead to much larger images.

Day 1 – It’s A New Dawn, It’s a New Day, It’s a New Life

I don’t remember much, a white flash of light, so bright it was as if the sun itself was trying to burn through me. It was accompanied by a clap of thunder that shook the insides of my head. Then there came the darkness. I don’t know how long I was out. There’s a lot I don’t know, but I know what I need… revenge. I will find the man in the suit and his friends, the ones who shot me and left me for dead… I will. The rest is all kind of foggy. That’s why Doc, that’s Doc Mitchell, the one who patched me up, he told me that maybe recording this will help me out; help me find what I’m looking for.

I woke up at Doc’s place.  He told me that Victor, a Securitron security bot dug me out of my shallow grave and brought me to him. The robot told me pretty much the same thing. I don’t know what to think. The townspeople don’t seem to know much, but Victor seems to have saved me. No Victor, No Doc. No Doc, No Me. Who am I? I remember being called a courier before the world came crashing down, and Doc Mitchell said I had documents on me for delivery. I guess Courier is just as good a name as any, until I figure out a better one.

I explored the town, starting the with abandoned school house. I killed some bugs there and hacked into an old safe, picking up everything of value that wasn’t nailed down. I guess I can handle this machete pretty well and it seems I have some tech skills. These will definitely come in handy. In the Saloon next to the general store I met Sunny Smiles, she offered to show me some survival skills. I figured she was nice enough to offer, who was I to turn the lady down? Sunny and I along with her canine friend, took out some geckos raiding the nearby water supplies that give the small town it’s name, Goodsprings. We saved a local woman in the process and it seems just by doing that and talking to these people, they have come to accept me. Sunny also showed me how to make some healing salves out of local plant-life. These plants blend in so well with the barren wasteland, I’ll have to keep a keen eye out for more.

As the sun began to set I made my way to the place where my story began. The graveyard on the hill behind town.  Nothing creepier than a cemetery at night, particularly one you were recently buried in.  I took out some bloat-flies with the rifle that Sunny had provided me with and stared into the shallow hole where I was left for dead. With a promise to myself to make things right, I made my way back to the saloon for a drink, and to meet the owner Trudy. Trudy argued with a man who pushed his way past me as he left. Turns out that Trudy and the people of Goodsprings are hiding a man by the name of Ringo out at the gas station. Cobb was threatening Trudy and the rest of the town, and as it turns out he’s an escaped prison-worker of the New Californian Republic. I offered to kill this man, Cobb, but Trudy said it was murder. Would it be justifiable to save these people from losing their town, possibly their lives? Sometimes the path of lesser evil is the closest to good that you’re gonna get.

One way or the other I will save this town. After all, it saved me. Maybe I’ll have a talk with this Ringo and see if there is some other place we can hide him, one that keeps Goodsprings safe. If not, I’ll be paying a visit to Cobb, one that he won’t like. Hell, I might pay him a visit anyway. This town may be small, but the people here are decent. Nobody deserves a bullet for doing the right thing… Nobody.  As the sun rises on the second day of my new life, I again stand over my grave…

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