Some people have been asking how to get in-game screen shots from Fallout New Vegas for my Fallout New Vegas Stories feature without having to do a print screen and drop out into Photoshop or MS Paint and then saving them out.  It’s pretty much the same as taking shots with Fallout 3.

Fallout New Vegas Screenshot Method

First off, place your character in the position that you want.  Starting this process will pause all action on the screen, so this will work for combat and actions as well.  If you want to holster your weapon, simply hold R on the PC to go into your idle standing pose.  This needs to be done in 3rd person mode, so hit F and get your character into position.

Hitting the tilde “~” will pause the action and bring up the console on at the bottom left of your screen.  Enter tfc 1 to enable the free roam camera.  Next type in tm.  The tm command will remove all menu and text commands, so that you don’t see screencap completed and other system message and the GUI.  The next thing you can place with is the FOV.  Standard field of view is set at 75.  Wide-angle would be 90, and full-screen (4:3 ratio) would be 40.  Type fov follow by the numbers to change the angle.

Hit ~ again and you can then move the camera around and view the scene as you want to.  When you have everything setup the way you want, hit the PrintScreen button on your keyboard.  It will kick out a bmp file to the main directory that you have installed Fallout New Vegas to.  These are big files, so you will probably want to edit them and compress them to jpg.  Full 1920×1200 shots come out as nearly 7 MB bmps on my machine.

When you’re done, go back into the console, result the fov to the defualt 75.  Type tm again to re-able the gui, pip-boy and message etc.  Then turn off the free camera by typing tfc 0 .  Once you leave the console you will be back in the game and can go about playing as normal.  That’s how you go about taking screenshots in Fallout New Vegas.

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