Full Throttle follows the story of biker gang leader Ben of the Polecats. Ben meets Malcolm Corley via the road and local watering hole. Corley would like a real gang of bikers to accompany him to a stockholder meeting (they’re the last company producing bikes left). Escort missions are no something they do. Unfortunately the nefarious Ripburger has other planning. He tricks Ben’s crew into going, leaving Ben behind in a dumpster. Now it’s a race to stop the crew and soon, to solve a murder frame-job and bring Ripburger to justice.

Full Throttle was written and designed by Tim Shafer and use the classic Scumm, iMUSE, INSANE combo framework, and again musical compositions (aside from the licensed soundtrack work, a first) by Peter McConnell. It was also the first Scumm game to feature fully SAG-licensed voice work from an impressive cast, featuring Mark Hammill, Maurice LaMarche and Roy Conrad.

Full Throttle Intro


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