I’ve watched the movie High Fidelity almost twice in it’s entirety on VH1 and AMC in the last 2 weeks. This is of course breaking the cardinal television vs dvd rule:
High Fidelity - John Cusack
If you watch more than 20 minutes of a movie on cable television that you own on dvd, you are an idiot, and therefore you must put in the dvd, avoiding the commercials, censorship, general loss of intended content, and thus not furthering your idiocy.

The fact that I have broken this rule twice in a matter of weeks, coupled with other recent events can only mean the end of the world is nigh… thus in the immortal words of the Cobra Starship (and many other films and writings), I suggest you grab your ankles and kiss your ass goodbye.

Anyways… back to the movie. It’s a wonderful little tale of relationships, and covers just about everything on how they can go wrong and how they can be so right, all in the lives of Rob and Laura. I’ve been meaning to find the book it was based on for quite some time, but the movie works for now. The most unreal part may be the fact that they do end up back together in the end (not my experience thus far in life), however this is not without consequence of course, and it also comes with a greater understanding of things as they are in “real life”

RelationshipsRob (Cusack), late in the move speaks of the “fantasy” of another woman, though this isn’t me or something I would think of or do, it does help bring into perspective a choice like that. It is a fantasy when you look for someone else while still attached, it gives you all the great things about a relationship, no problems, at least as Rob says, none of the real problems of coming home to a relationship that has ups and downs. The movie is hard to take in at this point in my life, the laughs along the way help though…

In honor of High Fidelity… the Top 5 things I miss about her (very close to the film on some points, almost exact in a few actually).

1. Her Laugh. It was all upper body, she would slightly rock back and forth and use her shoulders a lot, as her hair tried to keep up with her. It would always end in the biggest smile… I miss that too.

2. Her smell. What is it about compatibility to another person that just makes their smells be so… comforting.. so good… even when they aren’t?

3. Her sleeping. She had so many sleeping quirks, I find it impossible to sleep myself without them. The best was that she would flick her index and big toe back and forth for a few seconds before becoming still again.

4. Her enthusiasm. When she was on… she was on. She would get excited about something and bounce around like a kid, and run in place. She would often follow that up with a Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! in rapid succession… crazy to some, amazingly endearing and fulfilling to others.

5. Everything else. I could have picked something specific, there are many that could fit here. But honestly, I miss everything, she was everything I knew and now it’s gone, and it looks as though there is no way to get it back… and maybe I shouldn’t want it…. but I can’t see or feel that way right now.

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