Hitman Absolution Debut Trailer – 47 is Back

The best thing about E3 isn’t about console wars pr which developer is better, it’s about finally getting a good look at new I.P.s and the continuation franchises that you had hoped or heard were making a return. I have always thoroughly enjoyed the Hitman series. Though the last few entries are considered by some to not be as good as say Hitman 2, I felt they have all provided memorable sequences and were working hard to expand your options for completing missions. The versatility of the series has improved greatly, you can even run and gun your way through if you want now. This was not really possible in the first two as they rightfully forced you to attempt the stealth/assassin approach. IMO those who play through that way are seriously missing the real fun; nuanced planning and execution of a hit or multiple hits within a mission. Though this following Hitman Absolution trailer is obviously a cut-scene the graphics look to be much improved; as well they should be after what I believe is 5 years. Here is the brand spankin’ new Hitman Absolution Trailer.

Can’t wait to get a glimpse of some real in-game Hitman Absolution footage, but this stunning debut trailer was just the taste I need for now.

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