Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Review CoverWell kiddos, I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to receive Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days from Gamefly on the week of launch release. The game came in the mail and I promptly went and beat the game. I had heard tales of the single player being ridiculously short. Those reports were not in any way mistaken as it took less than 5 hours to complete the single player campaign. Not so good Al….

Also not so good was the story and it’s abrupt ending that I had heard about from some other Kane & Lynch 2 reviews. Graphics are inconsistent, sometimes looking great other times looking unfinished. The mechanics are also a mixed bag. The real fun of the game will be in multi-player and co-op and it looks certain that the developers new that as more than half of the trophies available on the PS3 version of the game are multi-player related and ready for DLC multi-player content that isn’t even available yet. Check out the full Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Review at Associated Content. If any of you out there have this on PS3 and want to do some multi in the next few days, send me a message.

Other Stuff I am up to

Went on another trip to the coast, made the rookie mistake of not having an extra battery and the charging dock for my camera has been missing it’s power cord ever since I moved.  So due to that and very little sun at the place we stayed, didn’t get a ton of pictures.  I will post some of them soon.

Currently working on God of War Collection on PS3, Book 4 of the Wheel of Time series, and hope to post my thoughts on Scott Pilgrim movie and game soon.

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