King’s Quest I SCI Intro – Enhanced

King’s Quest Quest for the Crown was a remake of the original game, coming out between the 4th entry in the series and the 5th game which was also full VGA. Interestingly enough people complained about the remake and it was a failure. This is particularly add odds with the current trends 20+ years later that see many people clamoring for HD remakes/upgrades of older games. They also sell very well. For the record I much prefer these upgraded ones. I thoroughly enjoy playing a lot of old games, but find really old adventure games, especially with text parsers, not much fun to go through anymore.

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From Wikipedia

King’s Quest I: Quest for the Crown was a 1990 remake of King’s Quest; This release is the “Enhanced” version of King’s Quest. It uses the Sierra’s Creative Interpreter (SCI) engine, the same engine used in titles such as King’s Quest IV; while it still used 16-color graphics, it featured twice the resolution as well as music card support instead of the PC speaker.

The game is not a 1:1 remake. The story was expanded upon (mainly in the cutscenes and conversations) and made more linear. There is a set order to finding the three treasures. The first two can be done in any order, but the last treasure is always the shield. Many of the character roles were expanded slightly to include more speech, and more characters were added. Some of the puzzle solutions were altered and some removed.
King’s Quest I SCI Intro – Enhanced

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