King’s Quest II Intro MT32 & SF2 – Enhanced

King’s Quest II Romancing the Throne follows the story of now king, Graham. The version seen here, I believe, is the AGI 2 version, which came out after the third game in the series (confusing I know). The original 1985 release was in CGA graphics, an even more limited color palette. There are two versions of the intro in this video, the first is the MT32 version the second is run through a high quality soundfont via Fluidsynth.

ScummBM 1.6.0 Base
Daily Build 6.29.2013
MUNT MT32 enabled 1st
Fluidsynth enabled 2nd

From Wikipedia

The Magic Mirror shows King Graham a vision about a beautiful woman, Valanice, imprisoned on the top of an ivory tower. Being charmed by her, he is teleported to the world of Kolyma to rescue her. There he must travel through sea, air, and even death to gain the keys that unlock the three doors to the enchanted island where Hagatha the witch has imprisoned Valanice.

King’s Quest II Intro MT32 & SF2 – Enhanced

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