Video – Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 12 Tuchanka Turian Survivors Renegade HD 720

Before heading to Tuchanka to carry out several large scale missions Shepards checks on some of the crew and has a conversation with the comms officer. He then visits Ashley on the Citadel to discuss her new Spectre status and see how’s she’s doing.Mass Effect 3 Video Walkthrough

The Normandy then heads to the Krogan DMZ and attempt to locate a Volus squad in the Dranek system, however they have to bug out before Reaper forces arrive. They orbit Tuchanka and decide to look in on the downed Turian vessel first. Shepard heads to the surface with Liara and Garrus. The crew must fight a variety of Husks, including the large flying Harvesters and rescue several Turians squads along the way.

When they finally find the younger Victus it is clear that his crew is turning on him due to his poor decisions. What is also clear is that Shepard will have more work to do as the Turian squad is there to defuse a bomb. Needless to say the bomb would ignite a war between Turian and Krogan and the worst possible time.


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