Video – Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 15 Tuchanka The Geneophage Cure – Renegade HD 720

Urdnot Wreav has promised Krogan support should the Genophage be cured. Mordin has agreed to get the cure working. However, the delatress of the Salarians has informed Shepard, in secret, that the dispersal device is damaged and the cure will fail. She further says that Mordin will realize this and attempt to fix it. It seems that Shepard will have a Mass Effect 3 Video Walkthroughdifficult decision ahead. He does not trust the Krogan and their warring nature, but he
must turn his back on former allies and possible cross Mordin in the process, though it will gain heavy Salarian aide.

Shepard and crew are quickly separated from the Krogan forces as the Turians attack the occupying Reaper. The battle underground through ancient Krogan tombs and learn of the existence of Kalross the “mother of all Thresher Maws.” After battling their way towards the dispersal tower through huge numbers of husks, Kalross is used to battle the Reaper. All that is left is Mordin, Shepard and the possible cure. A not so difficult decision for Renegade Shepard.

Additional Thoughts

Playing in the Renegade style, or evil, dark, whatever you wish to call it, in any game, is not always easy. If a game is open such as this I will always play to the positive, light or paragon sides first. It’s natural, because my instincts are always to go that way. In the real world I have stuck to “doing the right” thing even at my own expense at times. So when it comes to making choice, even in game form, that go against that, I find it difficult. Killing Wrex in the first game was very hard, I tried to find ways around doing it, will maintaining maximum renegade. Some spoiler talk here, so be warned — I know that during the Genophage cure there is an outcome where you must shoot Mordin and he dies, trying to craw towards the dispense of the cure. I dreaded making this decision. What I have found, in the Mass Effect series, and to the greatest extent in this third iteration, is that being “pure” with your decisions often nets the “best” outcome. Being so purely renegade in this portion of play allowed me to convince Mordin to go along with my plan, rather than having to shoot him, thus avoiding feeling shitty about it. Whereas if I had been more varied in my play, bouncing between renegade and paragon, the option might not have been available to me. I like that it plays this way, others don’t.

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