Video – Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 13 Tuchanka The Bomb Renegade HD 720

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As suspected the bomb now under Cerberus control and on the brink of detonation, found on the surface of the Krogan homeworld of Tuchanka does indeed trace its origins back toMass Effect 3 Video Walkthrough the Turians. The bomb was originally a secondary safeguard after the Salarians put the genophage in place.

Primarch Victus’s son leads the Turians towards the bomb, while Shepard and crew take an alternate route. The end is a face-off against Cerberus forces, including a mech, as Turians attempt to defuse the bomb. Their forces are running low and Cerberus forces continue to attack the position while being fended off by Shepard, will they deactivate the bomb in time?


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