Video – Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 20 – Asari Colony Lesuss – Renegade HD 720

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 20 Asari Colony Lesuss Renegade HD 720

Shepard and the Normandy head to the Mesana system of Asari space and the planet of Lesuss. Lesuss is supposed to hold an asari colony that is under distress. Liara clues Shepard into an important fact: this colony is a monastery for ardat-yakshi the dangerous, powerfullyMass Effect 3 Video Walkthrough biotic asari. Asari commandos were sent to blow the colony up to keep the ardat-yakshi away from Reaper control.

It becomes apparently very quickly that it is too late. The commandos are dead and some of the asari ardats have already been turned into the ultra powerful husk type known as the Banshee. Shepard and crew will have to battle through various husks, get to the bomb and blow the place up.

Once the bomb is set, Renegade Shepard must make a decision about the remaining ardat; too dangerous to be left where the Repears may reach her.

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