Video – Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough – Part 8 – Normandy Conversations – Renegade – HD 720

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This segment is a brief precursor to meeting with Krogan, Salarian and Turian alliance and the ensuing mission at an STG base on the Salarian planet of Sirkesh.

After the mission at Grissom Academy Shepard takes some time to check in on the crew. Mass Effect 3 Video WalkthroughHe also receives a transmission from Miranda asking him to meet her on the Citadel. Shepard has a chat with Cortez about his family, EDI about modifying her programming and some words with Vega, Garrus and Dr Michel.

At the Citadel Miranda waits for Shep at the docking bay. She has missed him and would love to stay, but she fears something may be wrong with her sister and must investigate first. Shepard offers help and Miranda agree to contact him if he is needed.

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