Predators Review aka Come on! I’m Here! Come on!

Ok, so my friends that saw the movie with me and disagreed strenuously with me that the film did in fact “not suck” have been eagerly anticipating my published article on the subject. Well, hooray for you guys, because my Predators review is now published over on Associated Content. I urge my friends, family and visitors to check out the full article and leave some feedback, whether you agree, disagree or want to tell me that you hate my writing style (Like Alex does!). If you can’t be bothered to do that, though I would really, really appreciate it (is that enough begging?), I can give you the short version of the Predators review here.

I didn’t like it. Did I loathe it, or call it the “worse film”(SIC) I’ve seen in years as another AC writer did… no. I just expected more from it. Predators ReviewThere were some fundamental things wrong with Predators, not the least of which is that when you want to pay homage to an older original work, ala the A-Team, you have to find a way to still make it your own. Predators didn’t bring anything new to the franchise. Check out the rest of the Predators review and leave me some feedback, or hey, write your own Predators review in response here, or anywhere, and I will gladly link to and discuss it.

The original predator gets a new release this week. There is some controversy about the Ultimate Edition Predator Blu-ray. Many purists are claiming that the digital noise reduction has gone too far, leaving a plastic-look to the skin. My DTS Widescreen Enhanced DVD still looks good up-converted on the PS3. Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you guys again soon, I have a Fallout New Vegas Post, coming up shortly.

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