Well… at least it is to me.  I see top 10 lists of games, heroes and villains on the internet all the time.  I struggle to come up with these lists myself, as the lists are always shifting and evolving for me.  Well, with the special edition release of Monkey Island 2 – LeChuck’s Revenge coming out for PC, PS3 and Xbox Live this week, the Monkey Island series is fresh on my mind.  Whenever I struggle to come up with those top ten lists, Monkey Island 2 always pops into my head.  Best villains of all time, a check for Monkey Island with the Ghost Pirate LeChuck.  Favorite game hero of all time… another check for Monkey Island Monkey Island 2 Boxartwith Guybrush Threepwood.  Favorite side-kicks?  Check, Check and Check with Wally, Largo LeGrande, Stan of Stan’s Previously Used Ships/Coffins/Etc and a host of other memorable secondary characters.  Please check out my full article on the history of gaming in 1992 and my favorite game of all time, Monkey Island 2 – LeChuck’s Revenge on Associated Content. I also discuss the Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition along with anticipating of this weeks SE release.

Monkey Island 2 is definitely my favorite game of all time, it’s stays right near the top with things like Betrayal at Krondor, Mafia, Super Metroid and the rest of the ever-shifting best of list.  I love the characters and the setting.  Make no mistake, this was Pirates of the Caribbean long before Johnny Depp came sniffing around.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Pirates for the most part, but Monkey Island is the blend of humor , action, more humor and voodoo priestesses that I was looking for.  I’m calling this my favorite game of all time, so it’s definitely the best in the Monkey Island series in my opinion.  In my Monkey Island mania, I have collected a million different versions of the soundtrack, from Amiga recordings, to versions mastered directly of a Roland SoundCanvas.  I love Monkey Island 2.  I play through it often, and it’s no lest funny to me than the day I first played it.  There is something amazing about certain things that bring up such strong feelings of nostalgia; the glory days of youth.  I swear I can smell that 386-machine and the strange feeling of first discovering a game I so thoroughly enjoyed that I could play it over and over again and never get bored.  Yes, I definitely heart Monkey Island 2 and will long past when my gaming days are over… hopefully that day is far off though ;). Again, check out the article and leave some comments on the page, let me know if you agree, disagree… whatever… oh and look behind you, a three-headed monkey!

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