So, if you’ve been paying attention to media news the last few days, as I have not, you may have heard rumors of Sherlock BBC Season Two (Series Two for Europeans) getting a delayed.  Apparently that has been confirmed with the show not expected to air on the BBC until early 2012.  They are still filming.

This is upsetting for big fans of the show.  However, it doesn’t seem too out of place when you think of each episode being 1 1/2 hours long and of film quality.  Essentially they are filming three low-budget modern Sherlock Holmes films in what will still be most likely less than a years time.

The real problem is for American fans and the the long waits to get quality British shows any sort of airing over here.  They come in the form of truncated BBC America broadcasts or long waits for late-night public broadcasting station plays. The U.S. could be looking at a late 2012 airing of Sherlock Season Two, though if the BBC wants to keep the fan-base high (and the dollars flowing) they’ll want to get this shown locally as soon as possible.

Looks like the only Sherlock Holmes action in the meantime will be the release of the theatrical sequel Sherlock Holmes : a Game of Shadows in mid December.

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