Bilbo Meets Sherlock

BBC Sherlock - Benedict CumberbatchI recently posted on Sherlock BBC Season 2 heading into production while Martin Freeman who plays Dr. Watson is on a brief hiatus from The Hobbit where he will play Bilbo.  Now, apparently, Freeman has let slip that Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch has joined the cast of The Hobbit in an as-not-yet-named role that was supposed to be secret.  This may just be some sort of small or cameo role as the principals appear to have already been cast.  This will be another chance for Cumberbatch to be exposed to American audiences after the release of BBC’s Sherlock on DVD and Blu-ray and the airing of the series on PBS stations.

Mycroft leads Laketown

In more Sherlock news, this time from the big screen, British comedian, author and actor Stephen Fry, who is scheduled to appear as Sherlock Holmes brother Mycroft in the Robert Downey Jr big-screen Sherlock sequel, was last week signed on to appear in the Hobbit as well.  Fry is to play the part of the Laketown Mayor.  Laketown of course is set at the foot of the Lonely Mountain where Bilbo encounters the great dragon Smaug.

Interest cross over there between the big-screen Sherlock and BBC’s Sherlock, with two prominent British actors, one new and one old joining The Hobbit cast.  I am really interested to see how all of these projects turn out.  I’ll update with any further information that gets released, but Cumberbatch’s Hobbit casting was to be a secret we may not know anything until the film gets released.

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