So I obtained myself a copy of Singularity PC as opposed to Singularity PS3. I just have issues with shooters and using a controller when I have the option of keyboard and mouse.  I have written a full Singularity PC game review for Associated Content.  Please check it out if you want my full thoughts on the game. In science and mathematics a Singularity is basically a deviation in expected behavior, this is a simplistic way of covering a vast array of anomalies both present and possible in nature and the formulas, equations and events that shape everything.

Singularity comes from Raven Software who have worked on some of my favorite games.  Heretic and Hexen were great doom engine purchases back in the day.  The two Jedi Knight games also remember playing the crap out of in the past.  They were also responsible for the beginnings of the Soldier of Fortune franchise, famous or should I say infamous for the target gibbing.  They didn’t do so well with Quake 4 or the newest Wolfenstein entry, however they produced a really good Wolverine game based on the crapfest that was X-Men Origins Wolverine.

The Singularity game seems to be somewhere in-between the good and the bad, and most game reviews are showing that.  I am almost finished with Singularity, and I think it is worth a play-through.  Check out the full article game review for my thoughts on the storyline and the game-play mechanics.  There are a couple of funny moments in the game,some intentional some probably not.   They serve to break up the tension and occasional scares.  You can purchase a copy of Singularity or the related games I mentioned in the article below.

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