Video – Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 5 Priority Palaven Renegade HD 720

Shepard and crew set out to gain Turian council support by aiding Palaven’s fight against the Reaper invasion on their moon of Menae. Taking Liara and Vega with him they Mass Effect 3 Video Walkthroughare fighting husks before the shuttle even lands. Their mission is to find the Turian primarch, but General Corinthus informs him that the man is dead. Next in line is General Victus, but Shepard and crew must first secure a comms satellite for the Turians.

After returning from the satellite Garrus joins the party as Liara returns to the Normandy. Garrus, Vega and Shepard encounter new husk types, including Marauders (Turian Husks), and Cannibals, which are remnants of the first invaded and destroyed race, The Batarians. Their destruction was sealed in The Arrival which also lead to Shepard’s dismissal from command.

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