Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords Intro (Enhanced)

This is the Obsidian developed sequel to KOTOR 1, again produced by LucasArts. The game received a mixed reception due to many bugs and especially the rushed/incomplete feeling of the final portions of the game. The game was pushed out before it was ready. Luckily modders have restored a lot of missing content and there are many upgrades still being worked on late into the game’s life.

You won’t see/hear all of the mods I have installed in this intro section, but here is a run-down of must-haves :

The official HQ movies upgraded (6 parts) and the official HQ music upgrade can be found on filefront.
The TSL Restored Mod can be found here
along with the M4-78 planet restoration .
The first is required to run the 2nd, the fix many bugs restore much in the way of conversations, text and in the case of the 2nd restore an entire planet cut from the game.

All of the 2011-2012 Texture upgrades from Xarwarrz on Moddb or around the internet upgrade the visuals nicely. Everything else I have installed is to taste, particle effect upgrade, lightning, alien eyes and textures, the ultimate sound mod, loading screens, ambient sound mod, sky upgrades, ambient sound approved, ultimate appearance, and ultimate saber mod and a few other tweaks.

If you get them all, it will take quite awhile, especially downloading anything from filefront. My folder holding mods, pre-install is about 4 gig. And make sure you run the game a few times after adding big mods to make sure things are working. It’s well worth it though to have all this stuff.

Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords Intro (Enhanced)


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