Puppeteer Announced by Sony

Puppeteer Announced by Sony. Read the brief article with a few screenshots of yet another innovative and interesting sounding game coming exclusively to the PS3. Sony seems to be bringing out some big guns at Gamescom, which is of course easier to due with no Microsoft in attendance. Sony Announces

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Uncharted Territory via Subway

Just spent about an hour and half playing the Uncharted 3 multiplayer via a promotion from Subway… yes that Subway, Jared and all that.  Note that this is different that the multiplayer beta a little while back.  This appears to be a much more polished and faster-loading version of the game, which

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E3 Winners and Losers

Every year the question after E3 is who won?  Sometimes its clear-cut, other times things are simply divided by fanboy (and/or girl) lines.  “Insert Console Company” kick “Insert other Console Company’s ass this year.  Oh, and Nintendo is for kids! “Console Company” is for “insert favorite ethnic or homophobic slur”.

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Sony E3 2011 Press Conference Breakdown

I want to start off first by discussing some system specific topics.  I cover PS3 and PC almost exclusively.  I admit some ill-will towards Microsoft as a company.  I think their customer support and most obviously with the Xbox 360, their quality control is awful.  I also find their flagship

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EA E3 2011 Press Conference Breakdown

E3 2011 – EA Origin For those that don’t know or don’t remember. Origin Systems was the creator of the Wing Commander, Crusader and Ultima brands.  EA bought them out in the late 90s and shut the doors in about 2005.  It appears that they are going to put to

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